Zeiss Conquest V4 Review

Zeiss Conquest V4 Review

For hunters who dream of owning a Zeiss, as I always have, the company has made things a little easier on the budget by offering what some would consider an entry-level line of rifle scopes. The Zeiss Conquest V4 series of scopes hit the market a few years ago, featuring the renowned European design and engineering that the company has long been known for, but packaged in a package that can be found on the street for the $1,000 mark. Now, whether or not this can be called an affordable optic, I won’t claim it, but in my opinion, the Conquest V4 series does represent a great value for the kind of performance that an oscilloscope offered at this price provides.


The V4 series scopes are a mainstay of the Zeiss brand and by far the most affordable (but not cheap!) of their rather large lineup s. My scope comes with the ZMOAi-T30 crosshairs. In a nutshell, this new angle (MOA) divider includes 1 MOA hash mark and windage correction and hold points that are perfectly placed in the field of view for easy use and no distraction. The center part of the marker is illuminated, which is very useful in low light conditions.

Lens System

The multiple lenses used to build this scope are coated with six Zeiss T-Star compounds for optimal light transmission and a treatment the company calls LotuTec to improve perfect visibility in adverse conditions. The result of this combination is an oscilloscope that focuses 90 percent of the available light on your eyes, which not only means clearer, brighter visual images in low-light conditions, but also excellent image clarity and color definition at all other times.

Features of Conquest V4 Optics

The Conquest V4 series is available in four models for any hunting expedition. Their models include the 1-4×24, 3-12×56, 4-16×44 and 6-24×50. the V4 scope has a 4x zoom factor. The Conquest V4 4-16×44 and Conquest V4 6-24×50 models come with a tactical elevation turret by default; the other two models have a classic hunting elevation turret (currently, ballistic turrets cannot be ordered as an extra).


Another impressive and convincing mechanical feat of the V4 is its water resistance. The V4 can be submerged to a depth of 12 feet and remain there for 2 hours without the risk of water penetrating the oscilloscope.

Who should buy the Conquest V4?

The people who should buy this scope are hunters and target shooters. Hunters will benefit greatly from its high performance and ruggedness. Only a scope with this level of ruggedness can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions often encountered while hunting. Fortunately, even after all the harsh conditions in the field, it still performs very well.

If you’re a target shooter, this scope can help you bring home the prize. Its precise accuracy and lightweight design means you get a competitive edge.